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Balik ako sa blogspot. I won’t used this blog anymore. This will be my last post.

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Another shameful news about the Philippines

Nakakahiya na naman ang pilipinas because of this Redcross and terrorist issue. Even the Pope, nakikisali na sa pakiusapan. I’m hoping this terrorist won’t hurt any of their Red Cross Volunteers victims. Sikat na naman ang Pinoy! Panu pa tayo dadayuhin ng mga turista kung pati ang mga redcross volunteers eh kinikidnap dito? Imagine the Red Cross/Cresent Logo is very popular in the world na even sa mga gera (war) hindi sila pinapaputukan.

To those Terrorist– These volunteers are here to help. Pls let them go. Think about your religion. Lalo nyo lang pinatutunayan kung ano ang tingin ng mga Christians sa Muslim or Islam. I’m nothing against the Islam Religion pero I’ve heard from some of my friends na ang tingin nila na most Muslims are bad. And I disagree on them. Allah is our God too. Iba lang ang tawag ng bawat religion. And I’m sure na mali sa Islam ang pumatay ng tao regardless of his status.


Time for U.S. to legalize drugs?

I was ‘Stumble’ in a CNN Blog site. Funny thing is, the US is  thinking on legalizing drugs.. In my opinion. NO! not all drugs are beneficial, specially yung SHABU, Cocaine etc.. Kung may isang bagay na tag as ‘drugs’ na dapat e legal yun ay ang marijuana. Yun dapat ang legal dahil sa dami ng benifits na makukuha. And if just for the tax kaya nila gustong gawing legal ang drugs, I think thats wrong. Marijuana if legalized e malaking tax income na ang makukuha… no need for legalizing all those harmful Drugs out there. I’m in favor of marijuana but not in drugs because I believe MARIJUANA IS NOT A DRUG!

here is one of the comments I read in that blog:

Kevin from the Netherlands writes:
Let American politicians ask us here in the Netherlands how we are successfully dealing with the drug problem. Most of the junkies here are foreigners who are not free to smoke weed in their countries. Check the crime statistics in America and the Netherlands, then I’ll leave the answer to you.

Marijuana is legal in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

To read the whole article about this topic—> CLICK HERE

The great GLOBAL WARMING swindle

After I have watch this video, it made me think about the truth and what to believe. Are they actually paid by the oil companies to create a documentaries like this? One thing that suprises me is that, the co-founder of GREENPEACE, now resigned have said Global Warming is just a propaganda. Watch this one hour video documentaries about the truth behind GLBAL WARMING issues, and seek for the truth..

Now tell me, What the fuck should we believe??

I think this is the swindle..

Anyway, i will still participate this coming saturday in the WWF’s Earth Day.

Philippines TOP 12 Funniest TV ADS..

MY LIST of TOP 12 TV ads


This one makes me laugh only once.. hehe..

11 – SMART Caller ringtunes (2007)

The dancing girl is soooo hot! Dunno what’s her name…

10 – MCDONALD’s Cheesebuger (2008)

The ever popular “pa cheese burger ka naman!”.. Dang I always here that expression everytime! It was then became the Philippines National Expression LOL!

9 – Colt 45 (2008)

Why can’t a man make comments on someone’s swimsuit..Nah its weird..

8 – SKYCABLE’s “one night stand”

I think you this TVC was not aired in local TV (only in skycable).

7 -LIGO’s carne norte

This is one of my favorite until now.. Hanep ang British Accent.


Why in the world should they make a TV commercial like this? I mean a pig! You fed them well, hayaang maglaro sa dahuhan, dalhin minsan lang sila bata??!? and then slaughter them like yeah.. a PIG… LOL! Whew.. by the way, the song is really nice. Dapat sa Tiki-tiki commercial ginamit yun eh. ha ha!

(watch Top 5 —– HERE)


Former President Joseph Estrada told radio station DZRH Friday that Makati Mayor Jejomar C. Binay is “the most qualified” among the roster of potential presidential candidates for 2010.